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who we are

We believe women are unstoppable. That’s why we are here to empower women and inspire them to believe no dream is too big, no passion is too small, and no routine is unbreakable.

milo+nicki is a cruelty-free, ethically-designed sustainable womenswear line. We want transparency to be a norm, dialogue to be free, and ethicality and equality to be a standard in the fashion industry. We're here to empower the ever-evolving woman to conquer her fears, take a leap of faith, never give up on herself, and live a life of color.

As women, we feel pressure to play multiple roles may be it be a daughter, mother, sister, employee, spouse, colleague, etc. We’re taught to be competitive rather than supportive, and we’re held to higher standards.

With this we lose ourselves. But we don’t need to.

We are strong, beautiful, independent, confident, courageous, loving, and caring. We can do it all. Let’s share it, let’s flaunt it! Why not?!

Just like the untold stories we carry, what we wear is something more than a piece of cloth.

It has history, meaning, roots, sweat, and tears. The sacrifices in each piece of cloth is an untold story, but with milo+nicki, I hope to bring these hidden truths to the surface and build an awareness that drives the ethical and sustainable fashion movement.

Ready to join the movement?

our story

We are milo+nicki—an energetic, indomitable duo who love hard and care deeply about those closest to us and the planet we live on.

But first, let’s rewind.

milo+nicki was born a few years back, 8 to be exact; the moment we signed the official adoption papers and the 10th lab at a foster ranch out in west Texas became Milo Patel. Fast forward a bit, Milo and I are inseparable. We have been attached at the hip- or is it tail? We have hit many highs, lows, and the ride so far has been a rollercoaster. Everything that happens to me seems to happen to him.

In 2014, I hit rock bottom. With the paralyzing pressure to achieve and do more combined with a few huge life hurdles, my health started to deteriorate. Being inseparable, my pup Milo’s health began to decline, too. And no doctor or specialist had a remedy.

I lived in fear of not knowing what the next day, hour, or minute held for us.

In our pursuit to grow stronger and healthier, we turned to our roots. Family, love, and faith became our medicine. It is here I began to understand the delicate relationship between our bodies, the environment, and our health. Plus, I begin to realize the impacts of societal pressures and life changes females face on a day-to-day.

This became my focus for change. By combining our health rollercoaster with my love for fashion, my mission to empower women, and my drive to bring awareness to a deep-rooted destructive consumer industry, I came to create milo+nicki, a vibrant, cruelty-free sustainable women’s line rooted to empower women and bring love, transparency, culture and ethicality back to the world of fashion..

It’s been a wild ride! But, the love that we share to those closest to us, and the passion for the longevity of our health and our world, remain at the forefront of our lives. We will always be about the journey, and never the destination.

As we conquer our fears, take a leap of faith, never give up on ourselves, and live a life full of color, we hope to empower you to do the same.

Are you ready to pursue what sets your soul on fire?

about our photography

The beautiful images you see are by the amazing duo, Kestrel Jenkins (@kestrelee) and Drew McGill (@drewfoto) of Falcon Related (@falconrelated). Our gorgeous model is Britt Rafuson (@brittrafuson) and Natalie Boras (@natamals) of newMARK models (@newmarkmodels), and our amazing make-up artist is Jessica Tyransky (@jt_hairandmakeup). The one-of-a-kind, handmade jewels seen in our bandhani collection are created by Eliza Sloane (@elizasloane).

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