Our Design

All pieces are designed in-house by Nicki Patel with inspiration drawn from her culture, traditions, roots and love for the 70’s era. Each design begins with hand sketches that are perfected in fit and construction overtime honoring the maker and wearer. From our hand drawn textile print designs to our hand tied Bandhani, each part of the process is handmade allowing every piece to be the purest expression of the brand’s distinct touch and feel. Looking into the past for inspiration and future for innovation and sustainability, milo+nicki is committed to consciously creating beautiful pieces that instill freedom, transcend seasons, and stand the test of time; allowing pieces to become treasure mementos for years to come. 

We believe good design is honest, innovative, ethical, and sustainable. It is thoughtfully considered, never wavering from core values, and always staying true to our vision. Every milo+nicki piece is designed with the intention to transcend seasons by embracing less is more, and made to last. Nicki’s design principles are to push the boundaries by creating silhouettes that are convertible and interconnected in textiles, colors and silhouettes that ensure each collection connects to the prior, mixing and matching with pieces already in your wardrobe, and carrying you from one season to the next. Celebrating slow fashion, and intentional and conscious consumption. 

From fiber to final fabric, quality, craftsmanship and durability are at the forefront of our process. We work with the highest quality fibers to create fabrics, and test construction techniques extensively to make sure we extend the life of each garment. Each piece is made to last with a little love and care.