The New Beginnings Collection

The New Beginnings Collection was inspired by always having a new beginning no matter what journey you are on. It is designed to blend and build off capsules of the past and future to bring a new sense and meaning to seasonless, sustainable fashion. The hand-print design created by Addie Rippin is inspired by my favorite era, the 70s, in shades of rich navy, deep plums, gorgeous rust, vibrant reds, and hints of teal to play on the idea of year-round wear. 

As always, the small-batch capsule was designed to be versatile, one-of-a-kind, and timeless using the most ethical and sustainable plant-based fabrics and dyes such as banana waste and Italian linen. Always handmade to last from our artisans in India or our women team in NYC to you, we hope the pieces become a part of your story as much as they are a part of ours. #qualityoverquantity  


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