Our Manufacturing + Ethics

Responsibly produced in NYC, and across the Atlantic in India, we’re committed to upholding the highest ethical standards throughout every touch point ensuring a nurturing, genuine, and long-term relationship with our suppliers, producers, and weavers. When it comes to the supply chain - integrity, transparency and honesty are our guiding principles.

Our pieces handmade in NYC are made by a small family owned factory where strict guidelines are followed to honor the maker, ensure fair wages, freedom of harassment and discrimination, and safe and healthy working conditions. 

Our pieces handmade in India are made by our trusted partner MasterG. MasterG brings women from low income communities together to engage in the field of design and production. MasterG gives women the opportunity to challenge societal norms and earn a dignified livelihood. From making patterns, interpreting tech packs to stitch and packing – all activities are carried out by our skilled MasterG team.

All of our weavers and makers confirm authenticity, sustainability metrics, and fair trade measures. This ensures our staff receive fair and livable wages, safe and healthy working conditions, maternity and sick leave, reasonable hours of work including breaks, a workplace free of harassment abuse and discrimination, no forced labor, time-off to support religious and cultural practices as well as local and national holidays.

We pride ourselves on partnering with factories that treat their employees with dignity and respect. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards at every level in our supply chain.